Birding Costa Rica

Come and enjoy birding Costa Rica and more... in one of the countries with the largest list of bird’s species in the world for its area, Costa Rica.



Adventure in Costa Rica

If the adrenaline is what move you towards a destination like Costa Rica, no matter where you go in the country a whole sort of options are waiting for you.



Students Groups

Also a college trip for credits, team building or pleasure, we will organize your trip to any place in the country, national parks, biological reserves.


Rural Tourism

Costa Rica Rural Tourism

Being in contact with nature exploring tropical sceneries with no crowds around, watching birds, experimenting the regular living activities of Costa Rican families, handicraft shops.

rural tourism
If your plan is to visit Costa Rica or a combination between Costa Rica and other Central American countries, we will be more than pleased to design it and send you an itinerary according to your expectations.

Costa Rica Birding Plus

We are a totally Costa Rican organization, knowing the system and the tourism industry.
Freddy Madrigal, established COSTA RICA BIRDING PLUS over 10 years ago with the idea of providing a high quality service, fully customized and the best fares for your convenience.

Fully customized tours according to your budget and requirements, whether bird watching, nature trips, nature photography, beach, adventure or a general combination for a complete enjoyment of the beauties of Costa Rica, as groups, families, individual, students or private.

Freddy has 27 year of experience leading BIDING AND NATURE tours in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Panama, mainly in the area of birding and tropical biology, but with vast experience in cultural tours, rural tourism, nature photography and adventure as well.